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Steel buildings for factory use can be some of the most sophisticated uses of a steel buildings. Technically most factories are mixed use buildings combining work areas and production, storage and office and administration areas which means designs have to accommodate this broad set of uses.

Two storey steel-built factory in grey steel with blue highlighing Fortunately steel buildings have the flexibility to produce a building that is fully functional for the tasks you require, but that also looks good. But if you're looking to find people who have the skills and experience to construct these types of steel building, then Verified can help.

We can assist you with the design from initial ideas, working up to plans to sourcing materials and construction requirements even for the most complicated builds. For instance if you want a multi-storey building with a high ceiling shop floor, or need separate roller door delivery and pick-up areas. We can also help with fixtures and fittings to make your factory and its offices a great place to work.

More complicated factory designs also tend to be a little more expensive than simple steel sheds so we can also help with sourcing financing to ensure your project takes shape.

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