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Steel Building Extensions

Refurbished and extended steel building for office space For existing businesses looking to expand and grow, sometimes it's more important to be able to add more space to the building that you do have, than to start again. Steel built extensions can be fixed to existing building whether they are originally steel-built or not. But if you have something built with a steel frame already, extending, changing or modifying the design to provide more space or reworking the facilities is normally straightforward.

If you have a steel building already, you'll know the benefits of the flexibility of the space, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. A steel building extension adds to the space you have already and can be built to adapt to the building you already have with regards to access and layout.

Steel building extensions don't always go on existing steel buildings though. Existing traditional brick buildings can also be extended with a steel framed building making it easy to add extra space, even over several floors. It is common, for instance, for older-style Victorian and 1930s buildings to be given a modern face-lift with an extension or atrium in glass and steel providing up-to-date comfortable workspace.

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