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Benefits of steel in factory construction

Factory use of steel building can very greatly. Simple production lines can be carried out within a simple 'shed-like' structure. More complex factories with plant and equipment require more sophisticated designs dependant on the location. The great benefit is flexibilty combined with cost efficiency.

Interior space for industrial buildings

The great benefit of steel buildings for industrial use is the availability of internal space. All of the interior space is available which allows for high ceilings for tall machinery, big floor space for production lines and good light and access.

Examples of steel-built factories

This is a large factory complex consisting of a number of interconnected steel framed buildings and is an illustration of how the creative use different steel portal frame structures can be used to create one large factory complex.

Thinking on more than one level

Steel buildings for factory use can be some of the most sophisticated uses of a steel buildings. Technically most factories are mixed use buildings combining work areas and production, storage and office and administration areas which means designs have to accommodate this broad set of uses.

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