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Equestrian Building and Stables

Horses need space and comfort as much as people and a steel building is a cost-effective means of providing good stabling or for other equestrian use such as an interior training ring or tack storage or for storing feed or hay. Modern steel buildings are light and airy with skylights or windows and many door options. The steel is weatherproof and draught-free and can be insulated as required. Steel framed buildings are also used in facilities such as Riding Arenas and can include natural materials like wood to retain a traditional look and feel.

If you're looking to build stables or an equestrian building do think about how the interior will be laid out - stall sizes, storage areas etc and the space that you will need internally for your horse, or horses. A good steel building will be as comfortable as traditional brick stables but will require less maintenance over time.

Mixed steel and wood stables

For stabling and equestrian buildings it's fair to say there is a general preference for natural looks and natural materials and the impression of steel buildings is of steel-clad sheds. However for buildings like stables where aesthetics are important, wood, glass and brick can be combined to give the best looking equestrian buildings.

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