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Steel Buildings for Retail Units

Most of us would recognise the big out-of-town retail parks with retail units known affectionately as 'sheds' selling everything from DIY to electricals, or for garden centres to outlet stores. But these aren't the only type of retail steel buildings. Farms, country houses, amusement and recreation parks, factory shops, warehouse sales and service centres, all have a need for shop and retail space to sell goods and products to the general public, but unlike the high-street, steel buildings are often the most cost-effective means of setting up retail space.

Steel and brick retail unit on a farm with a storage shed in the background A good steel building will be secure and strong from the outside, but can be warm and welcoming inside, easy to layout to maximise sales or to reconfigure. Access to the store area can be made easy with large roller doors for unloading, while at the front display windows and friendly access doors give a welcome to your customers.

Retail units - the benefit of portal frames

A steel building for retail purposes can cover everything from a supplier capable of handling several buildings on a retail park, to smaller rural shops and outlets where space and budgets are more limited. Steel buildings for retail use have the following benefits

Retail entrances are important

When designing a new retail unit, the entrance is important. This was something of a more complex design because of the shape of the space, but it also includes a welcoming front porch to announce the store.

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