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Sports Arenas

Sports clubs often need specially designed buildings as space to play or as space to store equipment. A steel building is a perfect way of ensuring that the local community or club has the sports facilities it needs. The broad span and pillar free space that a portal frame steel building provides makes it perfect as a housing for indoor sports such as basketball or badminton where factors like court area and internal light are essential considerations, or as a way of turning outdoor courts into all weather facilities for sports such as tennis.

A modern organic coated steel building is also weather resistant outside and inside. Meaning that it can be used to house swimming or other water-based sports facilities, including for the storage of boats or other aquatic facilities.

For stadiums and outdoor arenas, steel framed canopies for terracing or spectator areas can be adopted, clubhouses or even as simple storage facilities for groundsmen equipment. With such a variety of shapes and forms possible, a steel building or set of steel buildings can transform a sports club or leisure facility.

For equestrian sports, steel buildings are an excellent method for creating all-weather riding arenas and stabling facilities.

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