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Examples of steel-built factories Examples of steel-built factories

This is a large factory complex consisting of a number of interconnected steel framed buildings and is an illustration of how the creative use different steel portal frame structures can be used to create one large factory complex.

The factory complex is made up of several steel framed structured that are then linked together to provide a large internal production and factory space. There are three main structures each with linked roofs and a number of lean-to additional building for ancillary space. The factory is clad in a light grey with blue detailing to provide a professional finish and as the steel is coated at production (known as organic coated steel) using a specialist process, the building is extremely hardwaring and low maintenance.

For factory sites the frame-based steel structure allows the building to expand and change (within obvious parameters). If space allows, a basic building can be expanded and adapting to changing factory needs. Walls and panelling can be taken down, doors and windows moved if required. So starting with a simple steel factory building, over time expansion can happen without demolition and rebuild.

Each factory area has roller door access with roof based ventilation and air-conditioning. The main office buildings are built around the outside and connect to the inner production areas via internal doors.

While the main buildings rely on skylights for light, the exterior buildings include steel-and-glass for a professional modern look and comfortable office working areas.

Large scale factory complex built with interconnecting steel buildings

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