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Benefits of steel in factory construction

Factory use of steel building can very greatly. Simple production lines can be carried out within a simple 'shed-like' structure. More complex factories with plant and equipment require more sophisticated designs dependant on the location. The great benefit is flexibilty combined with cost efficiency.

Plain box-built factory unit in steel with dual loading doors

  • A steel framed structure means the building can be situated and adapted to the space that is available - around and over pipework and connecting lines for instance
  • Steel-based cladding is strong and corrosion-resistent. The modern steel panels used for steel buildings are organically coated at production to give the maximum chemical bond between the steel and coating
  • As walls do not support the weight, access lines, windows, doors and exhaust/chimneys can be placed anywhere and if the building confirugation is changed later, this can be done without replacing the whole building
  • For the loading of raw materials and parts, roller doors can be positioned almost anywhere on the structure. Separate access doors can be used for staff and employees.
  • The steel buildings are secure and strong and can be built to a range of heights and sizes to accommodate larger machinery, presses or processing units
  • Skylights and windows can be placed almost anywhere on a steel building allowing for the use of natural light illumination of work areas.

Factories are sophisticated operations requiring both space and safety. A steel-framed building give the maximum flexibility and working space and can be configured exactly to the factory's requirements to accommodate any type of production line or industrial process.

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