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PV Solar Energy Buildings and Structures

Solar panels on steel buildings Solar Panels for electricity are properly know as PV (Photo-voltic) panels and used for turning sunlight directly into electricity they are becoming common structures on houses and buildings around the UK, just to use the electricity to run your own building or taking advantage of feed-in tarrifs to give electricity back to the national grid.

If you're installing a new steel building, adding solar pv panels is an obvious upgrade. A steel building's frame is easily strong enough to support a large number of solar panels without requiring complicated fitting. Obviously there are factors to consider like the direction of the sun, but when designing a new steel building, it's worthwhile to plan ahead.

Of course solar panels don't have to go onto a new building. Steel frames and supports can be used to erect free-standing solar panel arrays for instance on land that is otherwise difficult or unsuitable to use. With such a strong link between steel buildings companies and solar energy, a steel building supplier can often be the best first port of call helping you plan where and how to take advantage of the sun's energy.

If you're considering solar panels for your house or existing property the angle and direction the panels point to can greatly affect the amount of electricity generated. Unfortunately many older houses were built without south facing roofs or where built with complex roof angles that make installing the panels in the best direction problematic.

Often in these circumstances free standing panels make a better option if you have the space. But rather than have the panels propped up on the ground, a smarter option might be to raise the solar panels off the ground to create a space underneath - for example for use as a car port or as a canopy or roof over an open space (like a gazebo) as a shelter (for example for animals). Our experts can help you think out of the box and provide advice on practicalities like the planning permission issues which may depend on the area you live.

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