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Valet Bay and Car Wash Bays

Keeping vehicles clean and in good order is a regular task for all motorists and valet and car-wash businesses find steel framed car-ports and car bays make for easy drive-through valet services. Steel Framed Buildings allow for a door at each end allowing the valet to keep cars moving through maximising the number of vehicles that can be cleaned, or serviced. Valet bays can be small for a car at a time, or built longer or wider to allow more cars and vehicles to be processed at the same time, or even for large vehicles like coaches or even trains.

When considering a steel building for a valet service, think about factors like water drainage, how the each cleaning station will be laid out (or whether you will use separate bays for each cleaning service), and the importance of ventilation. For an expanding valet service business, steel buildings are quick to erect and give a fast return on investment while leaving a space that is easy to clean and maintain.

Drive thru valet and maintenance

Building in simple grey steel with entrance and exit doors incorporating ramps for vehicles. The building is wide enough to enable internal turning without reversing.

If you are interested in valet bays you may also consider options for Garages and MOT workshops or Car Showroom Builders

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