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Steel Buildings
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Steel Buildings Made Simple

Verified Steel Buildings is the first place to call for high quality steel buildings and metal-framed constructions for use as industrial warehouses and workshops, agricultural buildings and barns, leisure and sports facilities or domestic buildings like garaging to more exotic buildings like riding arenas, stable and aircraft hangers. Anything with a steel frame, we can help!

Verified's free no-obligation steel building quotes from our network of the UK's top steel-building suppliers are the fastest way to get the building you want. One simple form connects you with verified steel building experts. All of the suppliers have been reviewed and are established specialists who can offer help with specifications, design, planning and groundwork services, in addition to simple supply and construction.

Steel buildings from specialists

With Verified you connect to proven recommended specialist steel buildings suppliers who can provide steel framed buildings to your exact specifications. If you want help with standard steel shed type industrial units and farm buildings or other buildings for agricultural use like barns or sheds for storage, or you need deluxe riding arenas and stables, garaging, or specialist cold-rolled steel constructions like canopy frames or aircraft hangers, we are here to help.

Our building suppliers are established and reliable to ensure you get the right service, the right price and ultimately the right steel building for your needs. Whether you want a full planning and construction service, or whether you just want a steel building kit or materials and will erect the construction yourself, we link you to the UK's best steel building companies.

Try us today for your no obligation free steel building quote or contact us for help and advice.

Examples of steel building projects

Overheight scrap metal storage for crane access

Scrap-metal handling facility with very large over-height doors for crane access. The basic building is approximately 10m high with 8m high access doors to allow for JCBs and cranes to get access. It was important that the interior working space was unimpeded by columns or interior walls as these create obstructions when moving and sorting material, consequently the use of a steel frame was the only way this project was feasible. Note that interior light is provided by the overhead skylights.

Examples of steel-built factories

This is an example of a large factory complex for industrial use built using linked and interconnected steel-framed buildings across the factory site. This is a large building sand shows the potential scale and size from building in steel. Not every building needs to be so grand and many smaller businesses use much simpler steel buildings finding that they are much more cost-effective than other building methods. For this example, the site includes several production areas and offices under one roof.

Steel-built Industrial Units

Two examples of combination office buildings and warehousing for use as industrial buildings. Though the buildings are different in detailed design, both include both a working (production or storage) area and two storey offices for administration. The buildings use the flexibility portal-frames give you to create a combined use building with large doors and high ceilings for the production area. Both are fully insulated with large windows and skylights for natural light.

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