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Benefits of Steel Buildings for Industrial Use

Industrial building design is a classic use of a steel-framed design. The relatively low-cost of materials and construction, combined with the excellent space and flexibility of the design are what normally cause businesses to gravitate to a steel-built design. In addition they have the following benefits:

  • Joints give structural strength for steel buildings Portal frame structure for the steel building means the maximum interior space - no internal pillars or columns or supporting walls
  • Steel-based cladding is strong, secure and low-maintenance. Steel panels are organically coated as they are made to give the maximum chemical bond between the steel and coating
  • As walls do not support the weight, windows, doors and skylights can be placed anywhere increasing natural light in the building
  • Oversize and extra large roller doors can be added for loading of parts and finished goods and doors positioned anywhere on the structure - including access doors.
  • Security from the strength of the steel surrounding windows and doors
  • Flexibility in design - for instance including a retail unit in addition to warehouse or production space

If you are using a steel building as a workspace you will also have to think about fire regulations and heating and insulation requirements. Our experts can advise you on the best type of insulation, and methods for using the interior space to save heating costs. And if you are looking to save energy, then consider installing solar PV panels either at construction or later. These are easily supported by the frame and make for a building that saves money.

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