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Content for Industrial Steel Buildings

Benefits of Steel Buildings for Industrial Use

Industrial building design is a classic use of a steel-framed design. The relatively low-cost of materials and construction, combined with the excellent space and flexibility of the design are what normally cause businesses to gravitate to a steel-built design. In addition they have the following benefits:

Steel-built Industrial Units

For industrial use, steel buildings range from simple warehouses, assembly lines right up to multi-storey factories with combined office space. We have two examples of industrial steel buildings that are more than just the traditional steel shed and include two storey office space and a large production or warehouse area with full height access.

Planning Permission for Industrial Steel Buildings

Warehouses and industrial buildings are treated as a special category for planning permission and, according to the Planning Portal, as of the 2010 regulations, are considered to be permitted development, not requiring planning permission so long as some basic limits and considerations are met.

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