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Benefits of Steel Framed Riding Arenas

A conventional steel building, clad in steel panels are the most basic option for creating a riding arena, but many customers want a building that is more aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately the steel-frame structure can still be used, but then filled out in glass and natural materials to provide a fitting arena for more discerning customers. When it comes to riding arenas, the main benefits are as follows...

  • Covered riding arena with natural light and space The basic frame structure provides the maximum internal space for the arena without columns or other structures interfering. This allows very large interior dressage spaces to be created
  • Light can be brought into the area through windows or skylights making the space feel light and airy
  • The interior space can be segregated off or extended to incorporate stables and tack rooms, or even club or observation rooms to supplement the main riding arena area
  • Access doors and panels are easily added to link outdoor arenas or fields and to allow access to larger machinery for preparation of to the riding surface or provision of jumps etc
  • Modern cold-rolled steel is pre-coated to provide a long-lasting and durable finish

For equestrian sports, steel buildings offer the ability to create large open in-door spaces that enable your horses to be ridden and exercised even when the weather outside is freezing or torrential, while providing enough space for your riding needs. A modern steel-framed riding arena can range from a simple basic steel-clad structure to custom designed and built wood and glass panelled arena for the top stud farms.

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