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Mixed steel and wood stables

For stabling and equestrian buildings it's fair to say there is a general preference for natural looks and natural materials and the impression of steel buildings is of steel-clad sheds. However for buildings like stables where aesthetics are important, wood, glass and brick can be combined to give the best looking equestrian buildings.

Stable walls and cladding can be wood or brick For stables, the flexibility of a steel-frame based construction is the large amount of internal space this frees up allowing individual stabling and boxes to be laid out, tack rooms to be installed and allowing for easy access for paddock and stable cleaning machinery (poo-pickers).

So from a practical point of view steel-framed makes sense. Fortunately then you don't have to with a steel-based exterior and can choose more natural materials for all or part of the exterior walls. As the walls are not load-bearing, you can also arrange doors and entrances and incorporate windows and natural light as you require.

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