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Benefits of steel buildings for car workshops and garages

Many professional mechanics and car enthusiasts use steel buildings for their garaging requirements and as workbays and workshops for maintenance. You can even see a steel building used as the workshop in Wheeler Dealers. For workshop use, steel built-buildings have the following benefits...

Interior of car workshop during kitting out of the steel building

  • Steel-built garages are a low cost secure solution for cars and other vehicles
  • The building is easily built to a height that enables the use of ramps and hoists when undertaking maintenance
  • The steel-based cladding provides a secure structure that is easily locked protecting valuable cars or toolkits
  • A steel building can come in a range of colours and can be clad in non-steel materials like wood or brick to provide a building in keeping with it's surroundings
  • Skylights can be placed anywhere on the roof bringing natural light in as required, with leaving the risk of windows on the wall
  • Single or multiple doors can be used. For instance one or more roller doors in the frontfor ease of access, plus the possibility of a rear door to get out without needing to reverse.
  • Weatherproofed and with the possibility of insulation and double skinned walls for longer term good working conditions, steel buildings offer flexibility and can be modified as your garaging needs change.

With garaging and workshop uses, it's important that the building supplier thinks about ventilation both for fumes, but also to reduce the potential for condensation. And a well design steel building is something to show off, not just for storage.


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